Benefits of Working at NAI Greywolf

Collaborative. Trusting. Communicative. Hard-working. Those are just the top few words that come to mind when the advisors at NAI Greywolf are talking about themselves. The team of 19 brokers, focus on the sale and lease of all property types – office, industrial, retail as well as multifamily and even specialty areas such as senior housing or gas stations.

NAI Greywolf is the Greater Milwaukee Area affiliate of NAI Global, the largest independent broker organization in the world with a global network of commercial real estate brokerage firms with 300+ local offices and 5,100+ local market leaders around the world. NAI Greywolf services the five counties of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Dodge and Jefferson, which make up the greater Milwaukee market.

Our brokers are highly motivated,” said Wally Sauthoff, Managing Director of NAI Greywolf. “While it may sound cliche, the team truthfully does go above and beyond for every client that they work with.”

The team is comprised of new and senior team members, ranging from just out of college to seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of experience. It’s this mix of colleagues that bring about the best for their clients.

“When we’re looking to recruit or add more members to the team, we’re open and honest about how we operate, as well as how we conduct our day-to-day business,” adds Sauthoff.

Benefits of Working at NAI Greywolf

The key benefits to working as part of the NAI Greywolf team include:

Collaborative team

The team fosters open communication and collaboration. They effectively share information during regularly scheduled meetings, as well as on a daily basis to help each other so that everyone is successful. These meetings help the team to vet through any possible transaction challenges, to help each other out. Our advisors share their own experiences in a particular situation to help those who may have not encountered a similar scenario. It’s a great learning experience where everyone can benefit from.

Provide resources & tools

While most other firms have advisors pay for additional tools and resources needed to do their job, at NAI Greywolf, those are included. Advisors are granted access and are up and running to focus on doing their job. The goal is to streamline advisors’ efforts, so they are more efficient and able to continue to focus on their work.

In addition to tools, the team provides comprehensive training and ongoing education through team meetings and regularly scheduled lunch & learns focused on specific titles, such as 1031 exchanges, how to work with a title company or how to use a piece of technology.

In-House dedicated resources

In addition to the resources and tools, the team also has access to an experienced team of support professionals including administration, marketing and IT. The in-house staff is experienced and able to help elevate your efforts to the next level and make you stand out when working with your clients.

Direct access to leadership

As a local business, it is important to us that our advisors have access to our local leadership team. The advisors are able to work directly with these members to tap into their expertise to achieve success.

Commissions go to you

NAI Greywolf prides itself on not nickel and diming our advisors on costs for their commission of a successfully completed transaction. The team also focuses on providing in-house tools and resources that give advisors what they need to do their job, without incurring additional costs.

Group activities

While the whole team works hard, they enjoy having fun too! Whether that’s group outings or overall company parties, the team likes to celebrate our successes as a team! Some of these outings have been simple happy hours, or going to a Brewers game, but the team is always finding ways to connect even when outside of the office.

While just a few of the key benefits of working with NAI Greywolf, the above are important when bringing on additional team members. “We want to make sure that our culture and atmosphere works for the advisor, but also for us,” said Sauthoff. “It’s this mutually beneficial relationship that then helps our team continuing to grow so rapidly like we have over the past year.

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